FIAPERSSON  presents THE SOFT WAY  collections. The inspiration comes from the world around us, but filled mainly of a mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese influences. The Japanese influenses are particularly recognisable in the pattern design of the garnments. FIAPERSSON share values ith healthy lifestyles that exist today, such as yoga and mindfulness. Yoga means union in Sanskrit and refers to a union between mind and body or association between each individual human being and the environment. The goal is to achieve greater balance in life and feel more connected to the world we actually live in. FIAPERSSON is the last link to a healthy and harmonious every day life.


Inspiration comes from nature, to explore silence and achieve a greater harmonious everyday life.


Fia Persson is a fashiondesigner, based in beautiful southern Sweden with closeness to great nature. She works for fashion, art and construction.

Fia Perssons strongest access is the diversity of idéas of clothing and the knowledge for exquisite construction. The passion for clothing is defined to wellmade garments, attention to details with an emphasis for shape and silouette. Inspiration comes from graphics, a harmonic play between lines and forms.

Fia Persson has specialized in jerseys and knits, a thougtful vision to present valuable products which both emphasis the womens body in comfort and contains exquisite consistent style. Fia lives and breathe the creative life, finds inspiration and energy in the greatness of nature.